THANK YOU to everyone for making our first Haunted Tunnel a huge success! We are excited to announce that the Haunted Tunnel will be an annual event!


What is the Haunted Tunnel?

What car wash does my vehicle get?

Our Haunted Tunnel experience is like going through a haunted house in your vehicle! Our wash is decorated and scare-actors prowl around in costume to entertain you while you are in line, and throughout the wash. You'll leave with a clean car and some good scares!

Your vehicle will receive our "Haunted Wash" package, which includes Tri-Foam, Lava Bath, Spot Free Rinse, Undercarriage Rinse and more to ensure your vehicle comes out clean, dry, and shiny!

Is it too scary for my kids?

Is this included with my FastPass?

If you would like a less scary experience, just turn your hazard lights on to let our scare-actors know. They will make sure not to approach the vehicle and scare the little ones.

Because this is an after hours event, FastPasses and WashCards are not accepted. Those are valid during normal business hours only. Proceeds of this event are donated to charity, and we thank you for your understanding!