How It Works

Auto Spa is proud to provide customers with the convenience of the WashCard® System. WashCard is a fast and easy way to wash your car without the hassle of exact change or quarters. The balance on the card can be added to at any time with cash or card at one of our locations, or add funds to your account online. To use your WashCard, simply select your desired wash and swipe the card through the card reader. A receipt will be printed showing your new card balance on the bottom.

Earn Bonus Dollars

You will always receive a 20% bonus on top of any dollar amount you put on a WashCard! For example if you were to put $100 on a card, Auto Spa will add an additional $20, bringing the balance up to $120! Keep an eye out for our WashCard promotions, where you can earn 30% and even 40% on all WashCard purchases and reloads!

Peace of Mind

It’s easy to create an account and register your WashCard online. If your card is ever lost or stolen we’ve got you covered! Simply come in for a replacement card and we can transfer your balance and assign you a new card. Your account will also let you view card usage and add funds whenever you’d like. Unregistered WashCards cannot be replaced if they are lost or stolen.

Use WashCard for your Business

Have a fleet of vehicles? WashCard makes it easy to keep them clean and shiny. Setting up a business account with us allows you to have multiple WashCards pulling from one balance. Add funds to the account any time, and view card usage online. You can also manage and limit each card’s usage by dollar amount, date, and time.