Product Services

The Automated Tunnel

Located on 255 North Main Street, the quickest, best cleaning option is our Soft Neo Glide Foam Automated Tunnel. No need to wait in long lines, with 3 automated  pay stations it makes it easy to get through lines and on your way. Auto Spa offers a complementary vehicle prep before entering the wash (The prep is optional but will be provided if attendants are not advised otherwise). Our attendants will prep your vehicle cleaning problem areas and removing any grit, bugs, and road film prior to entering the soft cloth tunnel wash. An attendant will assist guiding you onto our conveyor and gesture to our pre wash customer guidelines. At Auto Spa our attendants provide proper prepping, and do continuous inspections and cleaning of washing equipment and bays to ensure protection of your vehicle’s paint surface.


Touchless Automatic

Auto Spa also has a state-of-art touch less automatic carwash for all vehicles owners who wish to wash without brushes. The bay is located on 191 North Main Street last bay to the north. There are no guide rails just follow the track line into the bay and stop when prompted; machine will adjust to your position.

Self-Serve Bays

Five self-serve bays with a state-of-the-art Custom Kraft 12 function system are available with three 9 ft. bays and 2 XL bays available to all vehicles regular and oversized, Motorhomes, RV’s, and XL trailers

Options include:

  • Tire cleaner
  • Wheel and chrome
  • Bubble brushes
  • Tri-foam
  • Clear coat protectant
  • Reverse osmosis spot free rinse
  • Air Shammee, self serve bay blow dryer!

4:15 given for ever $3 inserted. Your credit/debit cards are also accepted at our machines simply swipe your card and press the credit card stop button when finished. 


Vacuums are free to use with the purchase of a car wash or monthly unlimited wash pass. Vacuums have multiple tips for easy cleaning access and air nozzles to dry excess water and clean cup holders, air vents, etc. 


We also carry a large selection of vending supplies including many types of air fresheners, armorall, window cleaners, tire and chrome cleaners, many other car care items and gift packaged Auto Spa washcards. Payment forms accepted at the vending machine are quarters, bills and credit cards. Vending can be purchased at vending machine or over the counter at both locations

Unlimited Wash Memberships/Washcards/Change Dispensers 

Auto Spa monthly memberships are a great way to keep your car clean; wash all you want for a monthly fee of Deluxe $24.99, Supreme $29.99, or Ultimate $36.99, each plan auto-renew

s each month so you can keep on washing. Monthly passes have no contracts and can be updated or canceled online or in our office, they can be purchased at our automated pay stations, just talk with one of our friendly sales representatives, or purchase your pass inside over the counter from our office attendant. Washcards are also available and can be purchased over the counter at either location or can be purchased at the dispenser located at the front of the wash, located on 191 N Main.

Please register your card to protect its value. Balances can be checked from the dispenser at the wash, by an attendant or online.

We also have the convenience of a coin dispenser that will change your bills ($1, $5, $10 or $20) into quarters and a bill breaker that will change your larger bill ($5, $10, or $2o) into one dollar ($1) bills.