Automated Express Tunnel

Our fully automated tunnels, located at both 255 N Main Street and 235 W 1300 S, are state of the art wash locations. Featuring nearly 200 foot long tunnels, soft-touch Neo-Glide foam brushes, and industry leading chemistry, your vehicle will receive a deep and safe clean. With three pay stations, our line moves quickly and efficiently. We will have you through the tunnel with a clean car in 5-10 minutes, even when the lines are to the street! Each vehicle receives custom prep in hard to clean areas such as wheel wells, around the mirrors, and more, before being sent through the tunnel. The Neo-Glide foam brushes self clean between each rotation to ensure your car's paint is protected and kept scratch free. As you enter the tunnel, our tunnel operator will guide you safely onto the track and let you know when to stop and shift your car into neutral. With the vehicle in neutral, take your hands off the wheel, foot off the break, and enjoy the ride!

Touchless In-Bay Automatic

Our touchless car wash, located at 191 N Main Street, is a perfect option for dual wheel vehicles, extra wide tires, or those who simply want a touch free wash. We offer three washes priced at $9, $12, and $15. After purchasing your wash, simply follow the prompts and drive your vehicle into the tunnel. The LED signs will signal when to stop and the machine will adjust to your vehicle's final position. Put your car in park and enjoy our touchless wash experience!

Self-Serve Bays

We have five self-serve wash bays, located at 191 N Main Street. Three bays have a 9 foot clearance while the other two are XL bays perfect for oversized vehicles such as RV's, trailers, dump trucks, and any vehicle with a high clearance. All bays are equipped with Custom Kraft 12 Function systems letting you switch back and forth between Pre-Soak, Tire Cleaner, Bubble Brushes, Triple Foam, Spot Free Rinse, Clear Coat Protection and more! Four minutes and 15 seconds are given for every $5 inserted into the machine, which is the minimum cash amount required to start washing. Cash, Quarters, and Credit/Debit cards are accepted as well as Auto Spa WashCards! Change machines are also available for larger bills.

Vacuums and Air Guns

Both of our wash locations offer free vacuums with the purchase of a wash or monthly pass. Vacuums have a wide nozzle as well as a narrow nozzle to clean every area of your vehicle. Air guns are also available to finish drying your vehicle as well as to aid in cleaning. The vacuums at our 255 N Main and 235 W 1300 S locations are available from 7:30am - 8:00pm, while the vacuums at our 191 location are available 24/7.